Why have you not posted a blog in such a long time?

We have been crazy busy, and also actively resting, making an effort to spend time with each other and the children. When we finally got to a point where I had planned to post something, Sebastian got sick. It’s taken him a couple of days, but he’s almost all better now.

How was the trip from South Africa to the US?

God smoothed the way for us throughout! We were given preference in most of the queues (though that did not prevent an exhausted Sebastian from asking, ‘Why are there SO many queues?’). The kids did (mostly) great, flights were on time, staff was friendly and helpful. Ryan rented a monster of a vehicle in LA and all our bags fit! And since none of us slept on the second flight (from France to LA) we did not really suffer from jetlag – we were SO ready for a full night’s sleep!


What happened in LA?

We got to spend a week in LA – we stayed with the Wilsons, which was one of the best parts! We served with them in Sunday school while we were in LA before. We saw a lot of our LA friends, catching up, and were as always amazed at how fast children grow! Pictures are with Keith and Louise Essex, me with little Jemima Lombard, and our reunion with the Glendale Bible Study.  It was so encouraging to see how God’s been working in our friends’ lives. We are sad that we could not see everyone.

glendale b study.jpg

When did you get to AZ and where are you now?

We arrived in Phoenix on Monday 3rd of April. Smedly and Janet Yates are graciously sharing their home with us. Our children are having a blast! Five new friends, available almost all the time! We’ve been introduced to the church and got to meet the Dodds and many more families who have been praying for us.

Introduction at church

Have you started training?

Yes! We came all the way from the other side of the globe for two main reasons: Support raising, and Training. So we were very excited when we finally sat down, and Joey started teaching – ‘The Big Picture’. It was the perfect start to our training – Joey systematically discussed all the steps we’ll go through as we aim to plant a church in Maweroro. Many of our questions were answered. And we are more excited than ever. Ryan’s also been going for morning sessions while I homeschool.

training started.png

What do you have planned for the next while?

Training, schooling, getting involved in local church life, getting administrative things like VISA applications done for PNG, preparing for the move to PNG, making decisions regarding the detail of our orientation in PNG…