I have not written in a while. I cannot give you the exciting news everyone is waiting for – we do not yet have our work permits… And thus no clear idea of when we’ll finally head to PNG. But God has not been wasting time. So pull up a chair, and let me tell you about our good God!

Almost everyone that I’ve spoken to in the last three months will be able to tell you we are thankful for this time in South Africa. In the last three months, we’ve:

… wrapped up the 2017 school year and prepared for 2018.  We had already sent some of our school books ahead to PNG, since the plan was to be there in September ’17. Thank you to the Canns who carried them back from PNG to the US and Amelia who brought them back to SA!

… been able to serve Ryan’s family, as Oupa’s health is rapidly worsening. Please keep praying for Oupa and the rest of the family.

… found that Calista needs glasses. We have not been for the follow up consultation yet, but she can see much better now, without constantly straining.

… dealt with some other medical needs.

… visited 9 supporting churches, updating them on our ministry.  Ryan has preached and/or presented our ministry and given updates at 9 churches! We’ve been at Grace Fellowship Pretoria, Lynnwood Baptist, Antioch Bible Church Nelspruit, Everglen Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Living Hope Baptist, Hillcrest Baptist and New Covenant Baptist Church. And we loved it! It has been such an encouragement to spend time with our friends in ministry and their churches. Seeing them serve faithfully and fruitfully spurs us on to do the same. I also love knowing how I can pray for our partners.

… spent precious time with family and church family. We have many people still on our ‘to see’ list. We have not forgotten about you!

… rested. We spent a few days at the coast in between visiting churches in Richards Bay and then Hillcrest and PMB. And we had a few days of rest with family in the bushveld. God certainly was displaying his glory when he created South Africa!

… taught and preached (well, Ryan preached!) at several churches. My hubby is in his ‘happy place’ when he is preparing to preach and preaching. It has been wonderful to see him get excited about each passage – starting from translating it, working on his exposition, mulling it over and finally presenting a clear sermon. What a joy to be privy to this process.

And now we are heading into 2018! Looking forward, there is a lot of ‘blank spaces’ in our planning. We do not know when we’ll be able to go to PNG. What we DO know, is that God is good. And omnipotent. And He withholds no good things from those who love him. In Afrikaans, we often say “wag en werk rustig voort” – wait and calmly keep working. For now, that is our plan…