“No, we are still waiting.” Most of my conversations these days start with the question, “Have you heard anything about your papers?”  There has been some movement (another agency had one of their missionaries’ papers processed). But for now, we have a pretty ‘normal’ life here in South Africa.

Daddy still has the best job a guy could wish for. He loves working at Grace Fellowship, preaching, teaching, counselling, shepherding…  I (Elna) still have the best job I could wish for – I am home with my precious kiddo’s, teaching, discipling and playing. The children are growing and learning…  They are doing ‘normal’ things like athletics, soccer, and art lessons. One of the biggest benefits of our time here, is family time – they absolutely adore their cousins!

One of our favorite events in the last while, was a visit to Eastside Primary School. Ryan presented our ministry to the staff and children. Our kids really enjoyed seeing the inside of a classroom (they’ve both been homeschooled from the beginning so visiting a real school was very exciting for them!). We even received a ton of letters and treats from the school at Easter – thank you! What a blessing!

We still covet your prayers – while we have lots of good work to keep us busy in South Africa, our hearts really ache for the souls in Mawerero. We pray for them daily and are looking forward to the day when we can move ahead with our plans.

  • Please continue to pray that our Work Permits and Visas will be processed.
  • Please pray that we will continue to be faithful where God has us now.
  • Pray for our team mates, the Canns, as they are starting their preparations to return to PNG.
  • Pray for the Lehmans for endurance as they’ve committed to another stretch serving as logistic coordinators.
  • Pray for a replacement for the Lehmans.
  • Please pray for Amelia as she is also still awaiting her Visa application’s processing.

Most important, praise the Lord with us. He always provides, always sustains, always strengthens and sustains.