The average energy levels in our home rose by a huge amount nine years ago. Sebastian started out as an active baby – and he has not slowed down yet! 

His current favorites are: Quesadillas, waking up early to stargaze with Ryan, sneakily reading ahead in our family bedtime book, star wars, lego (all time favourite!), and ‘sciency’ things. His favourite birthday gift is his new Archeology Study Bible – he loves studying maps, comparing cities at different time periods, and reading about ancient artefacts.

We celebrated his ninth birthday just after returning from a break in Madang, and he was so happy that he got to enjoy his army party with the Cann boys.

We thank the Lord for giving us Sebastian. What a joy to be his parents. You can pray with us that he will keep growing in his understanding of, and love for the Word and Lord Jesus.