Our Family

We (Elna and Ryan) met at Grace Fellowship Pretoria as university students and have been married since May 2007. We have two children: Calista and Sebastian.

We are both graduates of the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Elna graduated in 2004 with a MBChB degree. She also has a postgraduate diploma in HIV Management. Before leaving for the missions field Elna served in our church’s young ladies’ Bible Study.

Ryan graduated with a BA Honours degree from the University of Pretoria and then an MDiv from The Master’s Seminary. Before leaving for the missions field Ryan served as an associate pastor at Grace Fellowship Pretoria.

Our Church

In the book of Acts Luke records for us that Paul and Barnabas did not undertake their mission to the Gentiles on their own. They were sent out by their home church—the church of Antioch (Acts 13:1-3)—to which they often returned (Acts 14:26-28; 18:22-23).

Grace Fellowship Pretoria is our sending church. They are “holding the rope” while we are on the mission field. We love our church. And they love us and the people of Papua New Guinea.

We highly recommend the following sermon on missions by our pastor Joel James: Keep Your Eyes on the Map (Matt 28:19).

For more about Grace Fellowship Pretoria, please visit www.gracefellowship.co.za.

Our Team

We are part of the Finisterre Vision team working amongst the nDo speakers of the Finisterre Mountains of PNG.

Finisterre Vision

Finisterre Vision is a ministry that desires: “. . .to see local churches work together to establish God-glorifying churches that are self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating in every people group in the Finisterre Mountains in Papua New Guinea.”

Visit the Finisterre Vision website at www.finisterrevision.org. It is packed with information on PNG, the Finisterre Mountains, and the gospel work going on there.

The Canns

The Canns were sent out by Grace Bible Church in Tempe AZ, and have been working in Mawerero since 2015. You can follow their blog at cannsofclay.com.


Amelia is a fellow South African sent out by Midrand Christen Gemeente currently working with us. To find out more about her please visit finisterreambassador.org.